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Collage Canvas Photo

~ Transform your memories into unique wall art ~

Let us create a unique beautiful collage, which holds all of your precious memories, in any shape, word or design.

We have various options to suit your style:-

Mosaic Canvas Collage Mosaic Collage

You can choose up to 50 pictures to create a Mosaic Collage (depending on size required).

Mosaic style collage canvas prints are a great way to tell a story with pictures.

Shaped Canvas Collage Shape Collage

A shaped collage is a fun way to create wall art out of your memories. You can choose any word or shape.

Popular word shape collages are 'mum', 'love' or 'friend'. Words like these are already full of emotion and adding special images to their outline make a really fabulous print. Shaped collage canvas prints make a special and thoughtful gift which will be treasured for years to come.

Inset Canvas Collage Inset collage Collage

This is where up to 4 photos are placed on top of the main photo.

Beautifully designed, inset collage canvas prints are a marvellous way of presenting your favourite wedding photos, group shots, birthdays scenes and even your beloved pets on canvas. Without overloading the canvas it uses a single image for the background, then with smaller images it helps tell a story.

Blended Photo Canvas Collage Blended Collage

This is where all pictures are blended together, there are no hard edges.

Bespoked designed, blended collage canvas prints are a marvellous unique way of presenting your photos. You could set a theme: Wedding photos, Birthday Photos, Holiday Photos, Christening Photos, Your Pets Photos and so on. You can choose up to 50 photos, ( depending on size required). There are very few companies that create collages in this way, making your design even more unique.
See our gallery for more examples of blended collages.

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